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Welcome to The Hepatitis C Task Force for Los Angeles County! Please join us for our 16th Annual Summit on Thursday 18 July at The LINE Hotel.

Registration is open and information about continuing education credit may be found on the registration page as well.

The Hepatitis C Task Force for Los Angeles County (HCTF) is a group of private and public agencies, advocates and concerned individuals working in partnership and collaboration to prevent the spread of hepatitis C and other viral hepatitis and to improve the quality of life of persons affected by hepatitis through education on risk factors, harm reduction and cure treatments. The HCTF advocates for individuals regardless of their race, color, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, age, national origin, familial status or disability.

The mission of the HCTF is to shape policy and advocate for the needs of people at risk for and living with viral hepatitis infection. The goals of the HCTF are: (1) to develop and enhance systems of hepatitis prevention, surveillance, testing, education, treatment, care and support; (2) to advocate for hepatitis C policies and funding; and (3) to increase public awareness of viral hepatitis.

The Hep C Task Force delivers critically needed education, support and advocacy efforts by organizing the volunteer resources of people living with Hepatitis C, concerned individuals, grassroots organizations and government agencies. Its core activities are:

Our strategies objectives:

  • The Annual Hepatitis C Summit
  • The “C-Retreats”
  • Political Advocacy
  • Direct Advocacy
  • Disease Education and Awareness